How to Play Texas Holdem Poker

It is possible for an online casino to carry a comprehensive suite of poker games, and one of the most popular is Texas Holdem Poker. Here is how you play the game:

1. Start with a bet.

All poker games begin with a bet. There are many different structures to choose from, but the games are governed by a blind and an ante.

2. The cards are then shuffled.

Poker games make use of a standard deck of cards—that is, composed of 52 cards without the wild or the Joker cards. The dealer performs the shuffling in front of all the players. Some have already made use of a machine to ensure the integrity of the game. Regardless, the casino dealers are professionally trained in shuffling. If you are playing online, the system itself does the reshuffling. Sometimes you play through live poker, where you can see the actual dealer in your monitor.

3. The dealer gives two cards for each player.

After the cards have been shuffled, the dealer then distributes two cards for each player. These cards, which are then called hole cards, are given as face down.

4. The first round of betting commences.

This begins with the player on the left side of the dealer. The rest of the players will then have the option to raise or increase the bet, call or maintain the bet, or fold or to end his game.

5. The dealer then removes the top face-down card from the deck.

The process is referred to as the burning of the card.

6. The dealer showcases the flop.

The flop is actually three cards that are shown face up—which means the players can see the card symbols. These are communal cards, where players can use to make their own combination along with their two cards.

7. Another round of betting happens.

The same betting process occurs at this time. By now, some players would have already folded as they can already foresee if their cards have some chances of winning.

8. The dealer offers the turn.

After every player has placed a bet, the dealer then burns another card and presents the turn, which is the fourth communal card.

9. The second to the last betting happens.

Around this time, casino players, especially the pros, can already determine who among them has excellent-playing cards and who is bluffing poorly. Because of the closeness to winning, the stakes are already very high, and it is normal for the bets to go as high as 100 percent.

10. The dealer gives the river.

The river is the last of the communal card, which is presented to the players after another card has been burned. The dealer then initiates the last round of betting.

11. Everyone engages in a showdown.

All the remaining players will then display their five-hand combinations, composed of two of their pocket cards and three of the communal cards. The best hand wins the game. If, for some reason, players have the same cards, they normally split the pot equally.